Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Spring League?
The Spring League is the premier professional football development league operating in the U.S. 
Where does The Spring League play?
The Spring League's 2021 season will take place in Houston, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana. 

How can I try out for/play in The Spring League?
The Spring League has partnered with ANC Combines to host two tryouts in advance of its 2021 season. For more information visit

How much is the registration fee?
The player development fee for the 2021 season will be $2,000. Players who have been in an NFL training within the past three years are not responsible for the development fee
Is there a deadline to submit my application?
The Spring League will continue to accept applications until all positions are filled. 
Who is eligible to participate in The Spring League?
Any player who was draft eligible during a previous year's NFL draft, is eligible to participate in The Spring League. 
Will I receive compensation if I’m accepted into The Spring League?
Players in The Spring League receive housing and meals. No additional compensation is provided. 
How many teams are in The Spring League?
How many games are in The Spring League’s season?
The Spring League's 2021 season will consist of 24 games played over the course of six weeks. A championship game will be played at the conclusion of the regular season. 
Is The Spring League affiliated with the NFL?
The Spring League provides film, statistics, and other player data to the National Football League and all of its member clubs. The Spring League hopes to establish an “official” relationship with the NFL in the near future. ​
Are the games televised?
TSL games are aired live on FOX, FS1 and FS2.
How can I follow The Spring League?
The official website of The Spring League is

You can also follow The Spring League on Facebook, Twitter (@TheSpringLeague], Instagram (@TheSpringLeague} and YouTube.
Who are the coaches for The Spring League?
The Spring League has hired some of the best teachers and instructors in all of football. In fact, all of our head coaches, along with their respective staffs, have NFL coaching experience.
Are any of the rules in The Spring League different from the rules in the NFL?
The Spring League is committed to making the game of football safer for players at all levels. The League will utilize new technologies and experiment with existing game rules to demonstrate their effectiveness. ​

Can I buy tickets to The Spring League games?
Tickets for TSL's 2021 season go on sale April 6. Follow us via Twitter and Facebook for up to date ticket pricing
How do I apply for The Spring League?