TSL2021: Jousters vs. Generals (Week 4 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

Week 4 of The Spring League concluded with a rematch between the top two South Division teams, the Jousters, and the Generals.

This game was dominated by new RB for the Jousters Cameron Scarlett who got to work early in the first quarter. Scarlett toted the ball several times to get the Jousters into the redzone but the Generals managed to hold them to a field goal, almost. An offsides penalty on the Generals pushed the ball into first and goal for the Jousters. The Generals, thanks to a standup play by LB Malcom Howard at the goal line did end up managing to hold the Jousters to a 22 yard FG try, that Kicker Ricky Aguayo made easy work of, bringing the score to 3-0, Jousters.

Both teams traded off punts before the Generals got the ball again. In their own redzone, QB Ryan Mallet completed a pass to Sal Canella, before Canella could make a move upfeild however, he had the ball stripped by Jouster AJ Hendy. Jouster’s Linebacker Christian Sam made a heads up play and scooped up the ball and ran it into the endzone for the touchdown. After Aguayo’s PAT the score was 10-0 Jousters.

On the Generals returning drive, Mallet connected with Saiosi Mariner and Sal Canella to get the ball into the redzone, where Lirim Hajrullahu made a 27 yard feild goal bringing the score to 10-3 Jousters.

As the first half was coming to a close, the Jousters seemed to be on the move to the endzone again. QB Luis Perez connected with WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams on an extremely athletic cathc to bring the Jousters well into scoring position. As the clock ticked down from 8 seconds, the Generals William Caughell picked off Perez at the goal line. Score at half 10-3 Jousters.

On the other side of the break, Drew Anderson came in as quarterback for the Jousters. He connected with Joshua Simmons to bring the J’s acros the 50, and Scarlett brought the ball into the red zone. The Generals held the Jousters to a 27 yard FG try made successfully by Ricky Aguayo, bringing the score to 13-3.

The Generals could not get anything going on their next drive, and were forced to punt. On the play, Jouster AJ Hendy broke through the line and managed to block the punt, and land on it giving the Jousters the ball at the opposing 28-yard line. Cameron Scarlett made a great play on 3rd & 3 to reach the endzone bringing the score to 19-3.

On the Generals next drive, Ryan Mallet threw an interception to Derrick Jones who brought it back to the opposite 40-yard line. Anderson and Palka connected to bring the Jousters into the red zone, and Aguayo kicked a 20-yarder for the Jousters final score of the night. bringing the score to 22-3.

The Generals, with time running out made it down the feild off of completions to Chris James, Melvin Vaughn, Devin Grey, and finally Saiosi Mariner to cap off the drive with a touchdown. Still down two scores the Gens went for 2 sucessfully off of a completion from Mallet to Raymond Epps, making the score 22-11.

The Jousters got the ball back, and after a quick first down from Scarlett, Anderson and the Jousters called victory formation. Final score 22-11 Jousters.

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Full Box Score


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