South Division Player of the Week: Colton Shmidt

The Spring League named Colton Shmidt of the Jousters the South Division player of the week for his outstanding punting effort against the Sea Lions this past Saturday. Shmidt had 4 punts land inside the opposing 10-yard line in torrential downpour, averaging the starting spot for the opposing offense at their own 5-yard line.

When asked about what this award means to him Shmidt said: “It’s good to be recognized for having a good game especially in such bad weather, especially in a position that doesn’t get highlighted in most circumstances.” He went on to speak on the Jousters as a team. “We have a really tight-knit group here with the jousters. The Offense and the Defense get along really well with the specialists.”

Shmidt credits his time playing with the Buffalo Bills for his ability to punt so well in such bad weather. “I’m used to inclement weather. Wind and rain and all that. That kind of pressure and precision you need to play in that kind of environment really carried over here.”

When asked about what kept him going during COVID Shmidt relaxed, saying: “As a specialist, the NFL only carries one per team. No backups. It’s part of the journey. You can get a call whenever. You never know. That keeps motivation going. So Covid, no Covid it’s the same situation you just gotta keep going.”

Colton Shmidt is a seasoned pro, who knows what to do both on and off the gridiron, he had this to say to scouts and teams who may be watching him “Hopefully I can still prove that I got it and they’ll give me a chance to showcase myself in front of them.”

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Aaron Meullion (@aa7ron)


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