North Division Player of the Week: Ryan Willis

The Spring League named Linemen Quarterback Ryan Willis Player of the Week for his outstanding performance against the Alphas this past Friday. Willis put up 293 yards on 26 completions, and 3 passing touchdowns, and one rushing. He also holds the season record for most single-game TDs, single-game passing yards, and season total passing yards.

When asked about how he’s been doing in TSL so far Willis said: “I’m getting better every week, myself and my team together. We’re growing into this offense and we’re learning how to do it the proper way. We just keep getting better and better. We hope to keep improving, win some games. 

Willis has a deep appreciation for his teammates.  When asked about what this award meant to him he quickly diverted the attention to his line and receivers saying: “(Player of the Week) means that my Oline and receivers had a really good game. Without them I’m nothing. It starts and ends with the offensive linemen. My mindset in games is I want as many completions as I can. I want to check it down I wanna put the ball in play and let my playmakers make plays, so in turn, my guys make me look good.”

He went on to speak on how the team was coming together. “This team came together so fast. We’re still getting to know each other, learning what we can and can’t do. Just building chemistry Even just my receivers learning their speed, learning how they break on their cuts. Most teams would have all spring and Summer OTAs, we did it all in a week. Given the circumstances, I’m really proud of these guys for how they’ve just kind of overcome all these little things and put together a pretty good team in my opinion.” He went on to speak on how much fun he’s been having in TSL: “I’m having more fun playing with coach Mumme than I ever had in my life. He has such a cool way of coaching and getting the team fired up. It’s been a heck of a lot of fun.

Starting all four years of his college career, both at Kansas and Virginia Tech Ryan had nothing but love to give both of his former colleges. “Three Offensive coordinators, I was exposed to alot of systems, played in 2 conferences, saw about every defense there is. You take away certain things, you get to see how things affect a team. It was cool seeing alot of different coaching styles and how people go about their business. I’m forever grateful for my time at KU and Virginia Tech.”

Willis beamed when asked what keeps him going in the game. He seemingly transformed into a little kid playing backyard football with his school buddies. Saying: “I love the game of football. The competitive spirit, the locker room with the guys. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and different states but when you walk into that locker room all of that stops. The camaraderie and the team itself are just awesome to be around. Nothing can come close to that.”

Ryan had this to say to any scouts, or teams watching him play in TSL: “I’ve played in a lot of games. I have a lot of experience. I’ve done my dirty work. I have put in the hours of film. I can make the throws, I can lead a team in the huddle. I think I can be a starter, The face of a franchise. Once someone gives me the opportunity I’m not leaving.”


-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Ty Nibbs (@viewsby.ty)


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