TSL2021: Jousters vs. Sea Lions (Week 3 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

Week 3 of The Spring League concluded with a clash between the Jousters and the Sea Lions.

The Jousters took the lead early when a pass was wrestled away from the intended Sea Lions receiver by Derrick Jones inside the Sea Lions 10-yard line and brought back for a touchdown. The PAT was not successful and the score was 6-0. On the returning drive, the Sea Lions Deandre Johnson connected with KaVonte Turpin for a touchdown, and after a PAT by John Baron, the Sea Lions took the lead 7-6.

After trading off punts, William Likely of the Jousters returned Baron’s punt to bring the Jousters well into enemy territory. On the next series, Luis Perez and Darren Woods connected for a touchdown. The rain prevented the Jousters from converting a 2 Point Conversion and the score remained 12-7.

A short punt by Baron put the ball well into Sea Lions territory, where Anthony Ratliff-Williams ran for a first down on the following play. A catch by Donnie Ernsberger brought the Jousters into the red zone and Perez and Johnathan Johnson connected for another Jousters touchdown. Thanks to a made PAT by Ricky Aguayo, the score at half was 19-7.

Towards the end of the 3rd quarter, LaDarius Galloway and Deandre Johnson both toted the ball for 15+ yards apiece bringing the ball well into Jousters territory. as the clock ran out for the 3rd quarter the Sea Lions brought the ball inside the 10.

Thanks to the rain, Bunmi Rotimi fell on top of a fumbled snap getting the Jousters back the ball. The Jousters chunked their way down the field and capped off the drive with a 33-yard field goal by Aguayo. making the score 22-7.

The Sea Lions made their way downfield but were unable to score as the clock ticked zero.

Final score Jousters 22, Sea Lions 7.

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Full Box Score 


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