TSL2021: Generals vs. Blues (Week 3 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

The South Division of The Spring League kicked off week three with a clash between the Generals and the Blues.

To start off the game, QB Ryan Mallet and Saiosi Mariner connected several times to move the ball downfeild, the drive ended with a one yard run into the endzone to put the Gens up. After the sucessful PAT by Lirim Hajrullahu, the Generals were up 7-0.

On the Blues returning drive, Howard Stephens of the Generals sacked QB Deondre Francois to force the Blues to punt the ball away. Darnell Holland of the Generals brought the ball down the feild and a Pass from Mallet to Sal Canella brought the Gens into the redzone, where Holland punched it into the redzone. Hajrullahu made the PAT and the Generals were up 14-0.

Deondre Francois showed off his speed on the next drive, bringing the Blues into the red zone. The Generals defense held the Blues to a 21 yard feild goal made by John Barnes. 14-3

The Generals strong run game brought them across the 50 where they were held to a 50 yard feild goal made by Hajrullahu strengthening their lead to 17-3.

The Blues returned the drive with QB Nick FItzgerald connecting with a myriad of receivers, capped off with a completion to Davion Davis. The Generals had to punt on their next possession, and Davis made a spectacular 50+ yard run across the feild. The Blues could not tunr that into points however, making the score at halftime 17-9.

A big run from Darnell Holland kicked off the Generals first drive of the second half. Mallet and Saiosi connected on the next play to bring the Gens into the red zone. An 11-yard run by Chris James brought about first and goal for the Generals and after he punched the ball into the endzone

On the next Generals possession, Mallets pass to Melvin Vaughn was tipped by Blue Denzel Rice and caught up in the air by Joey Alfieri giving the Blues the ball. Multiple penalties by the Blues kept them from getting anything going on that drive and they quickly punted the ball back to the Generals, who proceeded to punt it right back.

Several possessions by both teams that ended in punts followed and the Generals held on for a 17-9 victory over the Blues.

Full Box Score


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