TSL2021: Linemen vs. Alphas (Week 3 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

The third week in the North Division of The Spring League concluded with a strong performance from the Linemen in their game versus the Alphas.

To start the scoring for the Lineman WR Micheal Dereus, caught a huge pass from Ryan Willis to Micheal Dereus for 40 yards. After a PAT from Johnathan Song, the score was 7-0 in favor of the Lineman.

On the returning Alphas drive, Drequan Brown of the Lineman jumped on a fumbled snap, giving his team the ball again. The Lineman rode that momentum and Song kicked a 24-yard field goal strengthening their lead to 10-0.

The Alphas’ next drive was halted by a 4th & 1 stand by the Linemen Defensive Line. Willis was then picked off by Malik Davis. Not to be outdone Curtis Collins tipped the Alphas and Angelo Garbut caught it. Willis and WR Issac Zico connected for a huge gain into the red zone, then Willis hit Reece Horn for a touchdown, making the score 17-0.

A hit by Lineman Curtis Collins caused an Alphas fumble, which JJ Dallas of the Linemen recovered. Dereus brought the Lineman across the field off of a completion from Willis and DJ Davis capped off the drive with a 27 yard run into the endzone. After another made PAT from Song the Linemen were up 24-0.

Manny Bunch kept the pick party going with another interception, and the Lineman got the ball again. Dereus caught two 20-yard passes to bring the Linemen to the edge of the endzone and Ryan Willis punched it in for another 6. After another successful PAT from Song, the linemen were up 31-0.

Angelo Garbut caught an interception intended for Ka’Ronce Higgins. DJ Davis ran the ball across the 50 and Micheal Dereus caught a pass in the end zone bringing the score to 37-0.

Reigning Division player of the week Tevon Wright caught the longest pass of the day for the Alphas, bringing his team inside the 10-yard line. Frank Brown caught the Alphas only touchdown of the night and after a successful PAT by Nathan Heirlihy making the score 37-7.

On the next Linemen drive, Elliot Taylor drove the ball across the 50-yard line and Reece Horn caught a pass bringing the Linemen into the red zone. The Alphas held the Linemen to a 26-yard FG try by Song. Making the score 40-7

Elliot Yalor toted the ball inside the ten for the Linemen and Ben Putnam capped off the night with a touchdown.

Final score 47-7 in favor of the Linemen.

Full Box Score


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