North Division Player of the Week: Tevon Wright

Tevon Wright was named North Division Player of the Week after his herculean effort in the Alphas victory over the Conquerors on Saturday. Going for 92 yards off of 11 receptions and a touchdown, Wright was the clear star of the afternoon. Wright is excited at the opportunity that he has in front of him, and he’s grateful that the TSL gave him a shot, when asked about how he thinks he is doing in the league he said “Alright. There’s a lot more for me. This is the tip of the iceberg, it’s just the latest for me. I have a lot more for me to offer. This is just the beginning.”

When asked about the award Tevon beamed, saying “It’s a cool thing. I’m happy to be recognized, I appreciate it.”

In his second week with the Alphas, Wright says the team is beginning to find its groove. “Everything has been falling into place, We’re gelling together… We’re amazing, all of us, it’s crazy how fast we’ve gotten together.” When asked who he was closest to on the team he smiled and said “My QB’s, Brian (Lewerke) and Vad (Lee)those are my guys. Ka’Ronce Higgins, one of the other Wide Receivers, he and I get along really well. The QB’s and Higgins, those are the people I’m closest to.”

Wright studied Exercise & Sports Science at Chadron State University. Playing all four years for the Eagles, Tevon recorded 26 Touchdowns. He had this to say about his college career: “Going to Chadron was a great experience. I had a great time there. Big city to a small town was great for me. Football there was great. The school was great.” 

Due to COVID canceling Pro Days, team visits, and things of the sort, Tevon lost many of his football opportunities in the spring of his senior year. He spoke on that period of his life:

“That was a rough time for me, but I just kept the mindset that nothing in my life has been easy. Everything I’ve been through I’ve gotten out of it. Now I have this opportunity so I’m making good of it. I have a good system around me, my friends and family keep me motivated. Sometimes it was hard but I kept seeing it through, and I’ll keep doing that till the process ends.”

When asked what he has to say to scouts and coaches watching he had this to say: “If you want a guy who’s very adaptable, coachable, and good at making adjustments I’m the guy for you. I’m a fast learner. I’m good in a locker room, I’m hardworking and disciplined. I have a good drive and I want to make it. That’s who I am, I’m gonna keep going till I can’t go anymore.”


-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Ty Nibbs (@viewsby.ty)


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