North Division Player of the Week: Blake Morgan

The Spring League named Blake Morgan, running back for the Alphas, the Northern Division Player of the Week for his outstanding performance in last week’s Season Opener against the Aviators. Morgan rushed for 139 yards on 14 attempts, averaging 9.9 yards a carry. He credited his offensive line for his stand-out day, “The O-line really did their thing, making a lot of holes for us. Just trusting them and the coach’s game plan, we put it all together and had a great game as a whole.”

Blake had been training since he graduated college, so when he was sent a link to apply for TSL, he was excited and ready for another opportunity to play. After he uploaded his game film he received a call from Alphas Head Coach Peter Vaas, and he agreed to join the team. Morgan had this to say on the lead up to his first game: “It was a good first week, we’d been practicing for a little over a week. The coaches have been preaching this whole time “Don’t Flinch” so we really came together.”

As a four-year player at Wofford, Morgan racked up 1,886 yards during his college career. He spoke fondly of his time there. “You know, at Wofford, I really learned to find my role and then stick to it, really find out what your job is, and then just get to work. That it’s not about you, the individual. It’s about the team.” 

Morgan played his senior season in the fall of 2019, so his spring, which should have included a combine, team workouts, scouting interviews, and maybe even a trip to the Draft, was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He remained calm in the face of this uncertainty, grounded by the fact that everyone in the world was going through things because of this just like he was. He stayed football ready, training to keep his body at its best every day, and worked at construction supply stores to make ends meet. When the call came from the Alphas, Blake was ready. 

When asked what he would say to scouts watching him he had this to say: “You’re gonna get everything you have out of me. I’m going to give it everything I got, Team player leader. I love the game of football and I always have so whatever it takes to win and be a team player I’ll do it.” 

Blake Morgan and the Alphas return to action this Saturday as they take on the Conquerers at 3:00 EST on Fox.


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Photo by Ty Nibbs (@viewsby.ty)


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