TSL in the News: Monitor the Spring Leagues – ESPN

“One major spring league will debut just days after the New England Patriots claimed Super Bowl LIII. Another is scheduled to kick off in 2020, in conjunction with a third that has been in operation since 2017. Neither the Alliance of American Football (AAF) nor the XFL nor The Spring League are meant to challenge NFL supremacy. If anything, their long-term success could hinge on a formal developmental agreement with the NFL.

 In the meantime, they could produce ideas worth stealing. The AAF, for example, has banned kickoffs and will provide alternatives to the onside kick when it opens play Saturday. The XFL has promised to “reimagine” the game of football. Ahead of its launch, the XFL is partnering with The Spring League, which stages games from March 28-April 11 in Texas, to test ideas for quickening game pace and minimizing idle time.”


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